Closely related to Shrink Records, SheWolf Music is the deeper and more soulful sibling in this house family. This more organic imprint is the brainchild of electronic music and design enthusiasts Romulus Schwarz and Chris James and their organic ethos is not only true within the music but also the imagery. Fusing the two art forms, we put as much thought and care into our artwork and design as we do our music, making for a more interesting and multi-sensory experience for the consumer - something that is often distinctly lacking in the current digital market.

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Our passion for striking artwork does not detract from our emphasis on quality music however. This is a label that believes in our artists and music. Tracks are carefully selected for their quality and artists for their like-minded sensibilities for deep and raw forms of house music.

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Immer - Frozen Data Ep


Ed Maddams - Auxange EP